PEO Breakaway

Move Your HR Activities In House

Transition away from your current PEO to internal custom employee benefits and HR infrastructure programs.
When to Switch

Think it Through

A PEO was a great fit for the early stages of your company. But companies eventually outgrow this model — typically at around 30 employees. PEOs have many fees and hidden costs that lack full transparency. They typically don’t help you understand what the costs will be to fully manage a custom and tailored program.

We can help you get an outside perspective on whether or not now is the time to bring your HR services in house and break away from your PEO.

Changing Priorities

Factors to Consider

As your business grows, your priorities change. There may come a time when you realize that you need more support than a PEO can offer. Some factors influencing this decision-making include:

  • Cost — Companies pay per employee, so administrative costs of working with a PEO can outweigh the cost of hiring HR staff and implementing new technology.
  • Customization — In most cases, companies aren’t able to fully customize their employee benefits package, making it difficult to use as a differentiator when competing for talent.
  • Service — Companies must rely on their PEO for key information, and in many cases the response time is less than ideal. This resulted in wasted time spent calling 1-800 numbers to reach general support centers.
A Helping Hand

Get the Insights and Assistance You Need

We take the lead on the PEO transition and will guide you through the process of moving from PEO dependent to internally independent. We execute a full analysis and provide a suite of different insurance and HR technology options to place you in the most advantageous situation to prosper moving forward.

Contact us to discuss the advantages of breaking away from your PEO.


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Ryan Bedrosian

Principal & CEO
Bedrosian & Associates

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