We develop employee benefits packages and help individuals strategize for personal and business succession.

For Employers

Employee Benefits Consulting & Implementation

We act as an extension of your HR team to provide you with comprehensive benefits packages, HR services, and property & casualty insurance.


HR Services & Resources

Take advantage of services and additional resources designed to make teams more effective and efficient.
Executive Services:
  • Cost Management & Budget Strategy
    We work alongside you to develop, establish, and execute your cost management strategy and short to long-term budgetary planning.
  • Executive Leadership Advisement
    We provide timely and accurate cost information to executive leadership and make actionable recommendations on benefits cost strategy.
  • HR Team Augmentation
    We integrate with your HR team to encourage benefit engagement and simplify your people-related HR functions and operations.
  • Program Assessment
    We assess existing programs, evaluate organizational needs, and design and implement benefits programs.
HR Resources:
  • Benefits Technology Consulting
    Tech-forward and platform agnostic, we can help you integrate with any of the leading benefits technology organizations.
  • HR & Labor Compliance
    Our HR Support Center provides you with the expertise you need to limit your exposure and keep your employee programs on track.
  • Consolidated Carrier Billing
    We partner with VerifiaBill to create the most powerful benefit billing solution ever created.
  • Fringe Benefits
    We work with you to design demographics-based solutions that best suit you and your employees.

Connect with us to discuss how we can lighten your workload.

Ryan Bedrosian

Principal & CEO
Bedrosian & Associates

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