Why use Bedrosian & Associates as your insurance broker and consultant instead of going directly through Kaiser? As an official Kaiser broker, Bedrosian & Associates provides a list of free services and support for you and your employees:

  • We can process all applications, forms and follow up with Kaiser on your behalf.  You just send us one email and consider the process complete.
  • We will come out and give a face-to-face employee meeting each year to educate your employees in the Kaiser service.  Education leads to more employee appreciation of their benefits.
  • We will review and recommend the most competitive Kaiser plans at the renewal.  When possible, we will negotiate rates and try to get your RAF reduced for additional premium savings.
  • If employees are contributing to the Kaiser premium we can run personal rates sheets for them versus HR Administrator  having to calculate the rates.
  • We will sign the HR Administrator up for our free HR Library and monthly newsletters to keep you up to date on changes and Health Care Reform.
  • We are here for your employees as an independent 3rd party that your employees can trust and come to with any medical or other insurance needs.
  • Most importantly, Bedrosian & Associates will update you with Health Care Reform and Obamacare information as it becomes available.

Once you start working with us you will see it is far easier calling or emailing our office and getting an answer within a minute versus calling an 800 number.  The Kaiser bill and rates all remain the same as there is no additional cost for our service. For more information on our services and how we can help streamline your Kaiser plan and employee benefit program Click Here.

Contact us for a free consultation or call us at 650-367-0259