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Make the most of your resources and add value for your employees. With a multitude of benefit combinations and contribution structures, we take an actuarial approach to your healthcare needs.
Coverage Options

Deliver Value to Your Employees

With strategic foresight we empower employers with flexible healthcare options that meet their financial needs while providing employees with coverage that provide peace of mind to themselves and their families.

Coverage That Fits Your Company

Medical Coverage

Traditional insurance passes on the risk of future claims to the insurance carrier in return for monthly premiums and a share of costs determined by copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and the plans out of pocket maximum.

    Fully Insured

    Employers with 2-99 employees are considered a ‘small group’ and are provided age-banded rates based on an enrollee’s age and the organization’s zip code. With the onset of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, all policies are standardized and guaranteed issue with no pre-existing condition clauses.

    Employers with 100 or more employees are considered a ‘large group’ and are provided composite rates that take into account the group’s demographics along with their medical history. Composite rates provide a single rate for all employees regardless of age, with three additional variations for dependents. Plan customizations vary by insurance carrier to meet your specific needs.

    Self Funded

    Larger employers that want to take on the risk of medical claims can take control over costs by self funding and fully customizing plan designs. This enables the employer to either partner with an insurance carrier or third party administrator to coordinate care through a network of their choice and implement individual and aggregate stop loss policies against the inherited risk.

    An alternative to tackling the self funded model alone would be to take part in a health captive that pools employers together to distribute the risk.

    Level Funded

    A hybrid between fully insured and self insured, the level funded model allows an organization to take advantage of a low claims year with the potential for a refund. As a stepping stone to self-insuring, an organization can begin to garner insight on their overall claims experience. This avenue also opens the door for small group employers down to 25 enrollees to offer composite rating and customized plan designs.

    Choose Your Coverage Level

    Dental Coverage

    Group dental coverage provides employees and their dependents a calendar year benefit that can be applied towards preventive, basic, and/or major services. The benefit resets every January and may include orthodontic coverage at the organization’s discretion. Larger employers can opt for administrative services only and self fund dental claims with a capped annual benefit.
      Vision Coverage Options

      Vision Coverage

      Vision policies provide employees and their dependents with a specified benefit amount that can be applied towards frames and/or lenses, in addition to reduced exam copays. The frequency of the benefits are either 12-24 months and are determined by the employer.

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