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Comprehensive Considerations

Your employees are your best assets and we want to help you ensure they have the support needed, both at work and at home with programs engaged in emotional and financial wellbeing.
Support Your Team

Comprehensive Considerations

We take a consultative approach to the Employee Emotional & Financial Health aspect of the benefits packages we offer. All moving pieces are taken into consideration while strategizing with you.


Benefit & Carrier Analysis

We initiate a comprehensive review of all benefits and carriers in place. We garner proposals from all carriers and implement the best product fit for your employees and company.

Benchmarked Industry Benefits

We educate you on what is being provided in the marketplace with companies similar to yours so your programs rank among the elite. We help design, implement and manage the optimal plans to protect your employees with cost and plan longevity in mind.

Alternative and Self-Funding Strategy

We guide and educate our clients through the alternative funding landscape. We provide cost and risk modeling solutions, execute Rx audits and review cost containment data, to see if alternative funding or self-insurance is the solution for your company.

Worldwide Benefit Solutions

We provide global benefits for employees around the world to confirm members have adequate insurance coverage. Whether an employee is traveling for a temporary position or abroad for a long duration, we have you covered. In addition, we provide coverage for foreign employees that regularly visit the US.

Employee Communication 24/7/365

We pride ourselves on our white glove service and open-door policy with employees. We work with employees from open enrollment to assisting the scheduling of a preventative care check-up — no request is too small. Benefits education and communication is critical for employees to truly maximize the value of coverage.

Billing & Audit Support

We can assist you in confirming the carriers have up-to-the-minute data and all enrollments are accurate. We review your HRIS and online enrollments and match to the carrier portals to confirm 100% accuracy.

InsureTech Solutions

Say goodbye to paperwork, scanners, and fax machines. Streamline HR operations, improve transparency and efficiency with our cloud-based employee management solutions. We have multiple portals and let you decide what is best for your employees — all at no cost.

Compliance & Filing Requirements

Our team confirms you are always ACA, ERISA & IRS compliant. We file or provide the tools for ACA, 5500, ERISA and other mandated filings. We will make sure your company is always compliant with all filings and regulations.

Healthy Mind & Body

We understand and appreciate the value of physical and mental health and the importance to your employees. Wellness is an effective and essential strategy for a successful company. We coordinate onsite health and wellness events and provide other valuable programs to keep your employees healthy and happy all year long.


Promote healthy working and living habits

From on-site wellness events to our partnership with One Medical, we have a full spectrum of programs to provide to your employees. With so many perks and benefits falling into the wellness arena, we’re here to help you navigate and implement the best program for your company. We’ll discuss and strategize all possible programs and confirm we offer the best bundle to your employees.

We understand and appreciate the value of physical and mental health and the importance to your employees. Wellness is an effective and essential strategy for a successful company. We coordinate onsite health and wellness events and provide other valuable programs to keep your employees healthy and happy all year long.

  • On-site flu shots,

  • On site-workshops and training courses

  • Tailored wellness calendar

  • Gym discounts

  • Physicians on-demand

  • Team building exercises

  • On site BMI testing and analysis and much more

Balance EAP

Work/Life Balance

Convenience services to one person are a necessity to another person. With Balance EAP, employees receive a personal assistant. The program’s philosophy is to help a caller with whatever challenges are getting in the way of their work and home responsibilities since these may escalate into increased stress and reduced productivity.

Language translation services are available 24/7/365 in over 200 languages with connection to a credentialed interpreter within 30 seconds. The program covers a wide variety of Work/Life Areas:


Parenting and Childcare

Providing information on becoming a parent, developing parenting skills, learning about child development, and finding and managing child care. Personalized searches and referrals are executed for childcare centers, family child care homes, in-home care such as nannies/au pair, summer camps, sick care/back-up care, and enrichment programs. Also Balance EAP offers parenting webinars, related resource materials, and parenting videos.

Prenatal Program

Assisting members as they begin the process of pregnancy and becoming parents. Each member receives A Prenatal Guide, which includes valuable information to assist them as they make choices. A Prenatal Guide includes information on choosing a childbirth method, a birth attendant, a pediatrician, feeding your baby, traveling during pregnancy and information for fathers, siblings, and grandparents. Referrals can also be made to lactation consultants, doulas, etc.

Pet Care

Providing members with a packet of educational materials and referrals to veterinarians, kennels, groomers, walkers, pet sitters, and other related resources for the member’s pet. Our Pet Guide has tip sheets and information on How to Choose A Pet, Pet Proofing Your Home, How to Choose a Veterinarian/Kennel, and other pet related information.

College Coaching

Offering assistance with the college search process for both college-bound children, as well as the working member in search of furthering his/her educational needs. In-depth consultation (one hour) with a college coach who will discuss all aspects of the college selection and enrollment process.

Balance EAP college coaches have over 25 years’ experience as high school guidance counselors working with families, and they can assist with any step in the process. Each member receives the college tip sheet series, which include tips and resources spanning the entire college process.

Education Assistance

Assisting members with selecting and managing the family’s education from preschool through college. The referrals include information on working with teachers, understanding testing procedures, resolving school problems, and improving study habits. The consultants provide personalized searches and referrals to colleges and universities, special-needs programs, scholarship/grant searches, and vocational schools.

Special Needs Assistance

Providing assistance to employees and family members who request information on special needs. When the employee calls the referral service, a counselor will assess the employee’s needs, educate them about the options available, and make referrals to community resources.

Types of special needs cases include ADHD/LD, Amputees, Autism, Behavior Disorder, Blindness/Low Vision, Brain Injury, Burn Victims, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disability, Diabetes, Downs Syndrome, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder, Hearing Impaired, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, Language Disorder, Mental Illness, Mental Retardation, Neurologically Impaired, Parkinson’s, and Physically Disabled.

Adoption Assistance

Offering adoption consultation with an experienced MSW Social Worker. This experienced adoption counselor helps the member understand the various stages and types of adoptions. Single employees as well as couples wanting to adopt have used the service.

Members who wish to reconnect with their birth mothers have been referred to adoption reunion registries. Referrals are given to public and private adoption agencies, adoption support organizations, adoption attorneys, domestic and international adoption agencies, state reunion registries, and state adoption units.

Eldercare Assistance

Helping members understand and navigate through eldercare options such as researching housing options, transportation needs, coping with the aging process, understanding the needs of and communicating with elderly relatives, and understanding Medicare/Medicaid.

Disability Resources

Identifying disability resources and support groups; whether dealing with a child, spouse or adult, our care managers can locate resources and offer support for disabled individuals such as referrals to housing, special needs programs, advocacy organizations, and more.

Relocation Services

When members need to relocate to a new state or area, our referral consultants can assist in:

  • Finding moving companies — along with identifying the company’s better business rating

  • Locating storage facilities

  • Identifying real estate agents/companies or apartment complexes — or other housing options

  • Locating house cleaners at both old and new locations

  • Finding utility companies

  • Identifying service connections

  • Locating specialty stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, or natural food stores

  • Finding doctors

  • Identifying service providers such as dog walkers, lawn care specialists, painters, carpenters, car rentals; and public/private schools

Home Repairs

Identifying repair services such as plumbers, electricians, and lawn maintenance.

Low Income Assistance

Identifying 211 resources revolving around basic living challenges such as foreclosures, setting up a bank account, housing expenses, etc.

Housing Locators

Finding housing with Balance EAP online search tools or with the help of a Work-Life Specialist.

Meal Services

Locating meal services such as home delivery, Kosher, Ethnic, etc.


Helping members with travel and recreation plans.

Weather Related Services

Offering weather related support such as information regarding snow removal, flooding and water damage, tree removal, etc.

Discount Service

Offering an Online Savings Center where you receive significant discounts on: computers, dining (in or out), vacations, electronics, cell phones, movie tickets, new and used cars, and much more.


Identifying local volunteer opportunities.

Community and Religious Organizations

Identifying community organizations such as houses of worship, etc.


Locating Health and Fitness information including clubs, trainers, food stores, etc.

Professional Services

Assisting with resume writing and career planning.


Providing ticket and entertainment discounts.

Connect with us to discuss how we can lighten your workload.

Ryan Bedrosian

Principal & CEO
Bedrosian & Associates

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