Paramedical Exam and Planning Tools

Once you apply for term or permanent life insurance then you will schedule a paramed exam to be taken at your home or office. A paramed nurse will come to take a urine and blood specimen, ask you your medical history and take your height and weight. The life insurance company is taking a cholesterol screening as well as testing for nicotine and drugs. If your life insurance is for a high amount (typically over $5 million and/or you are 55 or older) the carrier may also require you take an EKG.

We recommend that you have a copy of your life insurance application in front of you so that your dates, procedures, medications, and prior medical history completely aligns with your verbal review of your medical history.

Ideally you should not drink alcohol for days before the exam. If you roll out of bed and then take your blood pressure it will be at the lowest reading of the day. You should avoid caffeine and chocolate prior to your exam. By being thoughtful about making sure your vitals are at their best you will avoid getting higher premiums in the case you have a high reading.

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Ryan Bedrosian

Principal & CEO
Bedrosian & Associates

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