Case Study

Lindstrom Insurance

In the insurance business since 1975, Betty Lindstrom established Lindstrom Insurance in 1995. She quickly became one of the premier Employee Benefits and Life and Disability Insurance brokers in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.

A Warm Introduction

We were introduced to Betty by a General Agent that we knew in common. At the time she was on the path to retirement. With her eye on a time in the near future where she could sip wine in the shade of her favorite tree, she was eager to hand off her book to someone she trusted.


Building Trust

We liked Betty right away and immediately saw ways that we could help her and her clients. Ryan Bedrosian, our Principal & CEO, has spent a lot of time in Santa Cruz county, where Lindstrom Insurance is located. He often visited relatives there throughout his childhood. His association with Santa Cruz was a first step in establishing a good working relationship.

Of course, Betty required a lot more than a firm with Santa Cruz ties before transferring her book. Over the course of a few months, the B&A team discussed the benefits to her clients and the logistics of making the switch with hundreds of clients. It was also clear that her requirements included a firm that had the same service morals that she holds.


Technology + Benefits

One clear asset we brought to the table was our tech-forward approach to Employee Benefits. We were able to provide Betty’s clients with online platforms that lighten the workload of HR directors and teams and make life easier for their employees.

Our Flexible Approach

Betty had spent decades growing her businesses and building trusted relationships with clients. We knew that it was in everyone’s best interests for us to listen to both Betty and her clients’ needs in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

We put Betty in the driver’s seat in terms of the transition speed and her involvement in the handoff. Initially she took a leading role in the enrollment meeting but was quickly able to hand us the reins. At the height of the transition, we were onboarding four to five clients per week.

The Acrisure Advantage

Being an Acrisure Agency was a factor in helping Betty make the decision to work with us. Acrisure has the resources needed to facilitate the transfer without resorting to external financing. We collaborated with our Acrisure teammates to determine that the Lindstrom Insurance succession was a worthwhile venture for everyone involved.

A Worry-Free Retirement

The complete transition occurred in about six months. Yet, at her request, Betty has remained available to us and her clients as a resource for the rare occasion where she has valuable institutional memory that wasn’t initially transferred.
Today, Betty’s sitting beneath a shade tree and relaxing, secure in the knowledge that our team is continuing her legacy of providing top-tier products and services.


Success Stories

Our partners tell it best. Learn about the transition experiences that a couple of recent partners shared with us.

Connect with us to discuss how we can lighten your workload.

Ryan Bedrosian

Principal & CEO
Bedrosian & Associates

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