As many small businesses in CA and across the country look for alternate options to Zenefits it will be important to consider the benefits of the various benefit enrollment systems and brokerages available in the marketplace. There are over two hundred benefit enrollment systems available. How does an employer go through making the right decision as they consider alternate options?


    1. Personal customer service should be number one. As many employers know, keeping employees happy is the key to company success. As HR professionals it is pertinent that you align yourself with an insurance brokerage that understands your immediate needs and is able to consistently deliver on what is most important to your company culture.
    2. Free does not translate to significant value. As an insurance broker in CA all small group medical and vision insurance rates are the same. However, dental, life and disability insurance rates are not. It is important you have a broker on your side that is getting customized quotes for you vs just selling you book rates. As you may know, all of the dental rates Zenefits is selling on their website at first glance are book rates. Those rates are about 15-25% more than the rest of the marketplace.
    3. Technology should support customer relationships, not define them. When you have a personal relationship with a broker the communication of policy information and support reaches new levels. When you have an insurance business that operates from off-site call centers, staffed by employees with no familiarity of the local insurance community it is almost impossible to bring the level of customer service to superior level.
    4. Providing a road map for the future. As a veteran insurance broker I can say that the key to long-lasting client relationships is making sure you are properly aligned with your clients. Today, too many insurance brokerages out in the marketplace are simply selling rates and not providing significant added knowledge and value. It is important to make sure your insurance broker is always a step ahead providing you with the most up-to-date ACA compliance, HR and legal guidance as well as the most current benefit strategies as the market is constantly changing.

Put Bedrosian & Associates to the test. A dedicated, licensed insurance professional will answer the phone immediately. Call us at 650-367-0259. We have served the Bay Area and country for over 40 years. We have developed our own proprietary on-boarding, paperless enrollment and off-boarding system that supports all of our individual and group clients.If you would like a demo of an alternate solution to Zenefits, we would be happy to show you how our superior customer service coupled with technology is the key to your company’s success. If your current benefit plans are the most competitive in the market we will tell you to stay put. We look forward to hearing from you!