Reliable support is our standard. Our clients are fast growing companies in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area that are too busy to deal with the administrative challenges and insurance needs of their employees.  We help make this painful process simple so you can focus on growing a successful business.  We provide direction and tell you what products will provide you with the necessary solutions to your problems.

Knowing who is working with you or your company truly matters. From the earliest days of a startup to the longstanding business we are here to support your employee growth and daily insurance needs. We always provide you with our time when you need an immediate response and complete attention. We operate our business with a strong focus; we hear what is happening in the insurance industry and its direct relation to our individual and group clients.

I appreciate the customer care I receive from the Bedrosian & Associates team. When I need support the response is immediate, clear and accessible. I have not found this to be an industry standard.
Consulting Firm

Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for educating and supporting our constant growth, from our first day of funding to the day we went public. We appreciate Bedrosian & Associates’ ability to handle our ever-changing needs.
Customer Support Software Startup

San Francisco, CA

Thank you for 25 years of service. It has been incredibly reassuring knowing that you’re our partner.
Law Firm

San Jose, CA

Competitive and conscious pricing is my number one need. Bedrosian & Associates maintains this awareness and has created 44% in savings through the use of HSA’s.
Direct Marketing Agency

Mountain View, CA

They know the business. They know me.
Software Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

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Bedrosian & Associates

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