SeeChange Health Insurance Grandmothering Rules

As you no doubt are aware, the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 1446, sometimes called the “Grandmothering” Bill. This legislation allows some small groups to keep their current health insurance coverage when they renew in 2014 even if their current coverage does not meet certain requirements of the Affordable Care Act. To simplify: clients get to keep their 2013 plans for another year.

Many clients would like to take advantage of this opportunity. SeeChange is pleased to inform you they can. SeeChange Health Insurance will automatically renew small groups with anniversary dates of October, November or December 2014 into their current 2013 plans unless they notify SeeChange they prefer to move to one of our ACA-compliant plans.

Some things to note:

  • 2013 underwriting rules apply. This means, for example, groups may downgrade their coverage with a simple request, but upgrades are subject to underwriting approval. Also, some groups may receive a new RAF.
  • SeeChange is filing rates for these plans now. Due to SeeChange wanting to extend the option to stay with their current plan to groups renewing in October SeeChange is redoing the renewal packages for these groups.
  • In June, SeeChange impacted groups received notice that we were withdrawing our 2013 plans. While our 2013 plans remain unavailable for new sales, they will remain available to clients renewing October, November or December 2014.

If Bedrosian & Associates can be of any assistance to review your SeeChange or any other medical insurance policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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