What is a Wellness Program?

A Lifestyle based program that encourages employees to live healthier through mindful living. Programs may explore healthy food choices, positive behaviors at work, and out of work physical exercise programs.

Benefits of a Wellness Program

  • The impact of wellness programs has been measured to reduce health cost by an average of 27 percent and lower absenteeism by 28 percent.
  • Over 75 percent of America’s yearly health care costs result from chronic conditions that could be prevented or controlled.
  • Employees with Wellness Programs at work have said the program encouraged them to work harder, perform better and stay with the company.
  • If all physically inactive American adults increased their activity levels, the nation would save $77 billion a year in medical costs.
  • Five preventative guidelines to consistently follow: daily aspirin to prevent health disease, quitting smoking, colorectal cancer screening, flu vaccinations, and breast cancer screening.

Develop a Wellness Program for your work place

Who will lead a Wellness Program? Find someone in your organization who is excited to lead the program. Program ideas may include:

  • Development of a monthly newsletter with information on nutrition, exercise, and prevention at work.
  • An onsite yoga class to introduce stress reduction techniques, increase core strength and overall body conditioning.
  • Develop a lunchtime walking group.
  • Offer your employees discounts on a local gym membership

Make the program accessible for all employees. Employees should not feel pulled between work and the wellness program. Encourage attendance and reward consistency. The attached website may be used as a resource to best plan your company’s Wellness Program.

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