Pension Services

Drawing upon Transamerica, Guardian, and Principal we offer a complete suite of products and services that meet your needs. Depending on the composition of your company we can create customized solutions for your everyday needs and long-term objectives.

Most of your retirement income will come from you.

Many people assume they will be “taken care of” in their retirement years – by the government or some other source. The truth is Social Security covers only about 39% average retiree’s income today. In 2004 , the average Social Security benefit paid to all retired workers was $922 a month or just over $11,00 each year.

How much retirement income will you need?

People are living longer than ever with the advances in technology and medicine. Based on today’s average life expectancy , that means you may need retirement income for 20 years or more after your regular paychecks stop. Retirement planning experts estimate retirees will need an average of 80% of their final annual salary each year of their retirement. Maybe you will have paid off your house and will not need to commute to work, but your health care and travel expenses may increase. Therefore, it is important to consider the lifestyle you want to maintain when you retire.

Our Retirement Services

We offer these types of personalized retirement plans:

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