The right amount of HR support when and where you need it!

Our partnership with ThinkHR provides our clients with someone they can call for Human Resource assistance. The ThinkHR team offers practical advice and information as appropriate to your company needs. Benefits include standardized HR best practices, flexibly service teams, and a menu of services and resources from HR compliance to infrastructure set-up and strategic consulting.

ThinkHR’s flexible HR service teams are ready to handle your human resource challenges, freeing you up to spend your time and assets making your business go. Why reinvent the wheel handling non-core business functions when you can hire a team of HR professionals?

Their unique approach lets you gain a complete HR function at a fraction of the cost of a full-time human resource generalist. How? ThinkHR offers:

  • Standardized HR best practices
  • Flexible HR service teams
  • A menu of services and resources, from HR compliance to infrastructure set-up to strategic consulting

Think HR does everything from HR assessments to total HR outsourcing. You choose as much or as little HR help as you need. They provide a team of dedicated human resource experts who work together to ensure you get the right level of help for all your HR concerns.

  • What is required by federal and local laws
  • What you should do to be sure you are in compliance
  • General Recommendations for Best Practices for HR administration (e.g. Payroll Administration, Employee Relations, Benefits Administration, Training, HR Policy and Management, Recruiting, Compensation and Termination Checklist)
  • Sample language for standard HR communications and forms
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